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Comes from Jawa native language of Indonesia,
BenPenak pronouncing it's e like e of gel, and a like a of after.
BenPenak translated as "to make easy" or it also means "be comfort",
or "to be wealthy" or to be "anything enjoyable".

Consider word of "BenPenak" will comfort your life, make your way more enjoyable and ease all your matters.
So, let it be, let your dreams shine to be realized, benpenak.

urban farming at bensejuk

A new entry at, posted about urban farming of chilli as a creative way for self improvement by giving your house an additional impression with customized green environment

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please visit there next time and find something fresh to explore..-i mean really fresh, green living of the nature.

dreams of life

Dreams of life, when "imagination" considered as reality.
(before you judge me as nudsy crazy, please refer to read my "welcome" tab above)

Today i thank God for life given to me.
for this is my first post, i better set "my conditions" as best as well.

I live with my family in small comfort-four-story house. A beautiful charming wife, two smart children, five arwana and two louhan fish. Oh, and two fat lazy cats.
I have a black Porsche, full-custom upgraded Cayenne turbo-s. Also, a black Jaguar, XJ22 premium luxury. But i prefer use my Honda vario-125 matic-bike for daily mobility, instead of my red Ducati street fighter.

Primary, i live my family life from forex trading and stock exchange. Other ways, i have some stream earning from e-business and e-commerce.
I don't even need to go out to work, since i run my job entirely from my comfort house. Steps out only to go shopping, travelling, or sightseeing with my happy wife and children.

Just occasionally, i'm visiting my farmlands at some villages. I have several farmland of vegetables, fruits, ricefield, several forest of pines and some forest of mahogany.
Also, i have two private goldmine perfectly hidden at my forest land.

When it comes to school holiday i bring my family to travel abroad, since i have two private islands on Quebec and BC Canada.
What can be better?